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More news!

Breaking Radio Silence! the ARTC Newsletter will be going out this Tuesday, but we wanted to go ahead and get a few things out there in advance.

First, in case you haven't heard, ARTC is funding a project through Kickstarter to get some new microphones.  Audio drama isn't a common art form in America and it's even less common for it to be performed live.  We've yet to find a venue that's perfectly suited for our kind of performance and so, rather than trying to retrofit the whole room (which is impractical for the hotel ballrooms we use at conventions), we've decided to upgrade stuff on our end.  New microphones, new speakers, and other gadgets will go a long way towards making us sound as good as possible.

Even if you can't back the project yourself (hey, times are a bit lean for some of us), you can still help us out by spreading the word about the project.

Thanks for all your support and remember...There is Adventure in Sound!

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