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Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

There is Adventure in Sound...

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ARTC has a podcast! www.artcpodcast.org

This is the LiveJournal community page dedicated to the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, a group of performers in Atlanta, Georgia, who endeavor to maintain the art of audio drama and radio theatre.

At first it will be used primarily to announce upcoming ARTC shows and new releases of studio recordings, but as the community gains members and matures I hope it will become a discussion haven for radio drama in general, where people can review material, discuss the art form's nuances, and generally have a good time with the soundscape.

With that in mind, I shall be moderating this group in the following manner:
* Please try to keep the discussion to things relating to audio drama. It need not be about ARTC (although those posts are welcome!) but keeping things on-topic would be nice.

This is not as limiting as it might sound. An audio drama discussion can take the form of a discussion about writing, editing, adapting, performing, microphone technique, sound engineering, sound effects (both recorded and Foley), voice technique, character development, live performances, marketing, and lots of other stuff.

* Reviews of work by audio drama groups would be very nice. Again, it doesn't have to be ARTC stuff. I didn't create this group just to toot our own horn. If the review is critical, that's fine, but I will ask that reviews be constructively critical and give reasoning behind their conclusions. Reviews that consist of "this sucked" without backing up that assertion will likely not hang around long.

And for now that's basically it. If more rules become necessary then I'll implement those on an as-needed basis.

Also, it's not really a rule as such, but in an attempt to get the word out about this community without spamming other people's journals or communities with off-topic posts, if you choose to join our group I would appreciate it if you would follow up by posting in your own journal about this community so your friends can find out about it as well.


Your moderator, ashtreza
There is Adventure in Sound!