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Podcast Schedule

What's new with ARTC's podcast, you ask? Well, we are approaching our sixtieth weekly episode, which is ten times longer than the average podcast lasts. (The stats I saw state that most podcasts "fade" after six episodes.) So we're a little proud of that.

Lately we have been showcasing our works by the big-name authors. We are in the middle of "Solution Unsatisfactory," by Robert A Heinlein. (in 3 parts) And in a few weeks, we bring you "The Shadow over Innsmouth," by H.P. Lovecraft. (currently scheduled to be 5 parts.)

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company is supported entirely by people like you through the sale of our studio productions on CD. Visit to see our wide selection of work by HP Lovecraft, Robert A. Heinlein, and HG Wells, as well as original material by our own in-house writers.

Or just tell someone about us. Supporting ARTC means spreading the word about New Old-Time Radio and it doesn't cost you a cent. Just point them in the direction of our website or our podcast, at Nothing could be simpler or more helpful.

There is Adventure in Sound!

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